Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Getaway

Simply Strategic Show:

Episode #7: The Importance of Getting Away

Hosts: Tim Stevens and Tony Morgan

The guys reminisce about the Old West and their getaway with the other pastors of Granger Community Church. They share what they accomplished, how they passed the time and a "kiss". You'll also hear what people are saying about the show and the hot new game: Name That Chapter!

To listen now, click the podcast icon below.

Links to some of the people, places and things mentioned in this show:

Rob gets up close and personal. . . . . .

The winner with the studio audience.

Running Time: 20:44


At 4:04 AM, Blogger Clayton Bell said...

Hey guy, great podcast. Per your request for comments and suggestions, I wanted to offer one up. The churches that I've heard use a version of the phrase "doing church differently" have all presented new, fresh, and creative ideas for communicating and attracting people on a Sunday morning, or to a large-group worship service. The integreation of media, graphics, staging, and adjusting the role of the main communicator is fantastic in today's changing landscape of church.

What I'd be interested in hearing about is what Granger does during the week to help people mature spiritually. Is there a small group strategy, or every person for themselves? Are there just specialized large group meetings going on throughout the week, like a Wednesday campus meeting, or tuesday men's meeting? I know that a form is nothing without the power behind it, so I know that no structure is the end all be all, but I was just wondering what yours is. Keep up the good work!

At 9:19 AM, Blogger Richard H said...

I'm curious how y'all interact with and live with being a "United Methodist" church. Do all your members know they are UNited Methodists? In what contexts do you talk about it?

At 12:31 AM, Anonymous ewald said...

Hey guys...Great podcast! I'm teling my other pastor buddies in south africa about your show! You guys should come here for the next getaway... we have a lot of wild animals to kiss...hehe

Suggestion...What does Granger do to get the community talking about church? How do you create that "buzz"? Thx

At 2:31 PM, Anonymous bob said...

again..podcast greatness!

Regarding the BIG WORDS segment suggestion in a previous episode Tony uses the word "denizen" which seems to stop down the cast for a second or two...

In a future cast could you share insights on how you are coordinating your communication pieces(Web-Enews-Bulletin)? GCC's really go together well.

At 2:26 PM, Blogger Brian Brunke said...

Hey Guys!

Great podcast! I look forward to getting it each week. Wanted to include a request for a future program. I am an emerging leader and my gifts and talents lie in the area of administration and deatils. I am preparing myself to assume a role in a church that is very much like the one that you occupy at Granger. My question is what expereinces, education, seminars, etc can or should I be exposing myself to as I prepare to assume that role some day. Thanks guys

Brian in Florence, KY


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